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PSTN DID Range to AA

Hi Again,

Just one more question.

Trying to add a DID Range that is not specified in DID to internal extensions explicitly and I am getting the following error.

"The Start and End PSTN numbers should be the same for this port selection."

I am trying to add a range similar to 1000-1099

If the start and end block are the same (1000,1000) it will allow me.  It does not seem feasible to have to enter each DID individually and tell it to point to the AA especially if I have to add several hundred numbers.

Any thoughts on why?

Thanks again as always,


Community Member

PSTN DID Range to AA

Hi Helpdesk,

This is a known bug in CCA and have logged many cases on this one (I think about 6 in total), the only way around this is via two methods, although in the examples below method two ended up becoming the primary method but is not recommended unless you are absolutely sure about what you are doing and can make it CCA compliant.

  1. Method 1 CCA:
    In CCA remove any existing DID mappings you have in place, save and write the configuration, then close down CCA completly and reload it (This way it gets a complete refresh of the config)... Once that is done re-insert the DID mapping you want to have in place, making sure that there is no overlapping at all. However this only worked about 3 times out of 10, it was a dismal failure rate in getting CCA to apply it, but it did work and should be the first attempt.
  2. Method 2 CLI (Mostly) with some CCA:
    Get your base DID mapping done in CCA and then copy the translation rules/profiles and dial-peer configuration to a text file and study it, being very sure you understand it and then creating the additional rule.... ****WARNING**** the CLI will allow you to create an overlap and this will put CCA in a frenzy, so you have to be absolute about what you are doing and 100% sure you have not created an overlap.

My Final recommendation is to log a case and request special CLI configuration changes, if they deny you then escalate it and push for the escalation, yes in most cases you will get denied unless you are registered in their system as UC Express certified, but you can claim special circumstances and it should get excepted.

Hope this helps



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