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I wish there was a little more documentation as far as configuring this with the UC500. I know there's a demo kit with the NSS solution, but I want to show this off with this system. I believe to understand that the SPA525 is suppose to support rss feeds so that you could view the camera off this phone? I want to make that happen, but haven't been able to find a starting point.

This is where I'm at, I've got the camera plugged in, I can get to it's web page. How do I get it to show up in my CCA topology view? I thought this was suppose to be automatic, Im sure it would work with the right configuration, but I haven't a clue what it wants.

I have checked out the webex with Steve DiStefano. First thing he talks about is the firewall ports. CCA doesn't let me configure any of that as far as I can tell. I tried referencing the document that he speaks of also, DOC-2595. When I try it says I don't have access to that doc. What kind of access do I need?

If anyone could help me out with some direction, so I could get on with it?

Thanks Stephanie

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Re: PVC2300

That document will be made available next week, once all the software components are announced.



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Re: PVC2300

Oh good. I'll move onto some other configurations until then. Thanks for the word and thanks for getting the help docs available Cisco! Keep up the good work.


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