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Quick Pricing Tool - UC5xx

Is there a way to configure SIP as the PSTN connectivity in the Quick Pricing Tool?  The tool aside from ala cart mode which is basically the same as me just pulling parts from my supplier's web site directly is un-usable if I can't select SIP as the PSTN connection method.  Am I just missing something on the 1st page of the tool when it decides what size UC5xx system is best suited?

Also is there a place to enter "Projected Growth Requirements" for the system so that I can built an estimate for a 10 user system but be sure the selection will accommodate growth for up to 50 users?  If I Build the estimate for 10 I can't even select the larger unit from the drop down list, it only shows the minimum device for the user count.  I can select 50 phones to get the correct device for growth but then when I only choose 10 had sets the tool errors out on my build because I chose 50 phones on page one but only selected 10...

Great start to the tool but curently not usable to build a estimate for our clients who all use SIP and want the ability to grow...


Re: Quick Pricing Tool - UC5xx

I think we may have you covered. Please correct me if I am mistaken.

When you select SBCS and start with platform, it asks you if you want FXO or T1 PRI, and selects the right combination of platform and VWIC.

When it chooses the platform, it does in fact show the total capacity of it. For example a UC560 will show capacity of 104 users. We had the QPT team add this based on input like yours from Partners who adopted the tool.

Now, about SIP, it is the true Converged network allowing signaling and media over IP. There really is no limit to the number of connections it can handle on the UC 500, and is really a function of the SIP Trunk SP you select and the bidirectional bandwidth SLA they allow you to subscribe to. So while you can make an argument that at some point, the number of DSPs for example may become a limit, they are pretty much fixed in UC500, and not upgradeable.

Just using that as an example, and you can review the Platform Reference Guide to see there should be no worry there.

So I am thinking that there really is nothing you have to buy extra to do SIP. In fact you save money doing SIP because T1 is additional if you didn't use it.

Am I addressing the concern or did I miss the point? That happens to me from time to time. No worries wither way. Tell us what you think...

Also, if you allow your client to take server updates, we do allow you to override the platform. Unless we broke that very recently. Can you double check your version please?

Steve DiStefano

Technical Solutions Architect - Partner Sales

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Re: Quick Pricing Tool - UC5xx

What I'm really looking for is a SKU with no VWIC card installed which is designed for SIP deployments.  I need for a current client a UC560 however I need neither FXO or T1 yet I am forced to pick one or the other and then absorb the cost of the card which it adds to the configuration.  Is there a SKU possibly a spare I could use that does not include a card in the slot of the UC560 and possibly is not charging for the card which will not be used?

Ideally there would be a SIP check box that allows me to build a configuration with no VWIC and then picks a unit based on the number of end point I select.


Also, if you allow your client to take server updates, we do allow you to override the platform.   Unless we broke that very recently.  Can you double check your version please?

I'll look at this further; I have the latest version of the tool acording to the update functionality in the tool but I do not remember seeing a selection to take server updates.

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Re: Quick Pricing Tool - UC5xx

What I always do for customers that I am proposing SIP to is just enter in 4 FXO ports on the first page of the tool - which is what is included with any UC500. My guess as to why the tool is structured this way is due to the fact that it is accounting for physical PSTN ports. Since SIP is all handled in software, there isn't really a need to specify.

As far as projected growth goes you have two items to consider, phone count and PSTN port requirements. Since you are looking at a projected growth from 10 to say 50 you are in the UC560 arena. If your SIP service can scale to service that many users then the only item left is to buy the user licenses for the UC560. You can buy these in 8 user increments.

Hope this helps.


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Re: Quick Pricing Tool - UC5xx

Selecting FXO is what I have been forced to do also.  On the 520/540 it's

built in regardless.  I thought on the 560 it's actually adding a VWIC card with the 4FXO ports.

Re: Quick Pricing Tool - UC5xx

Table 1 in PRG:

UC560 has built ins too.

Table 1. Product Part Numbers for the  Cisco UC 560

Part Number



UC 560 system with 4 FXO,  4 FXS, and 2 voice interface card (VIC) expansion slots


UC 560 system with 2 BRI,  4 FXS, and 2 VIC expansion slots


UC 560 system with 4 FXO,  4 FXS, 1 T1/E1, and 1 VIC expansion slot


Software license upgrade,  authorizing an additional 8 users (e-delivery)

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