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"Auth Fail" Phone loads

I understand that in order to go from 8-3-2 to 8-5-3  on a 7975G I need to first jump to 8-5-2.   I deleted the 8-5-3 files from the 7975 directory and copied the 8-5-2 files in there.  I no longer get the “Auth Fail” message but the phones don’t update to the intermediate load either.  What other settings do I need to change to get the 7975G’s phones to update with the files I have in the 7975 directory?

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Re: "Auth Fail" Phone loads


You will also need to modify the tftp server statements, modify the telephony server "load" statement, and create the CNF files.  There is a document walking you though this process here:

Hope that helps.


Re: "Auth Fail" Phone loads

Yep, there are 4 things to do in that doc, and don't foget to reset the phone:-) Let us know how you do.

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Re: "Auth Fail" Phone loads

Elaborating a bit more as this happened to me this week too on an older 7975 phone I connected to my UC540:

Note all  SCCP firmware upgrades from firmware release versions earlier than  8.3(3) to version 8.5(3) or greater, you must first upgrade your firmware to  version 8.5(2). Once you have upgraded to version 8.5(2), you can upgrade your  IP Phone to version 8.5(3) or later.

I have found an older 7975 giving  "Auth Fail" on SCCP75-8-3-2S and wont upgrade.   It makes simple resets total phone outages as it tries every time to load the newer FW.

So I manually configured the TFTP-Server  statements, the Telephony-Service Load statement in the IOS CLI and  manually TFTPed the intermediate load (8.5(2)) to flash and it  upgraded.  Then I was able to use CCA PLM to load the latest phone load  in SWP 8.0.3 for UC500 (8.5(3)) and then it can upgrade.

Some  detailed steps...

I used solar Winds  free TFTP server to TFTP the files to the UC540 flash /phones/7975  directory.

Then this CLI....

no tftp-server  flash:/phones/7975/apps75.8-5-3TH1-6.sbn alias apps75.8-5-3TH1-6.sbn
no tftp-server flash:/phones/7975/cnu75.8-5-3TH1-6.sbn alias  cnu75.8-5-3TH1-6.sbn
no tftp-server flash:/phones/7975/cvm75sccp.8-5-3TH1-6.sbn alias  cvm75sccp.8-5-3TH1-6.sbn
no tftp-server flash:/phones/7975/dsp75.8-5-3TH1-6.sbn alias  dsp75.8-5-3TH1-6.sbn
no tftp-server flash:/phones/7975/jar75sccp.8-5-3TH1-6.sbn alias  jar75sccp.8-5-3TH1-6.sbn
no tftp-server flash:/phones/7975/SCCP75.8-5-3S.loads alias  SCCP75.8-5-3S.loads
no tftp-server flash:/phones/7975/term75.default.loads alias  term75.default.loads

tftp-server flash:/phones/7975/apps75.8-5-2TH1-9.sbn alias  apps75.8-5-2TH1-9.sbn
tftp-server flash:/phones/7975/cnu75.8-5-2TH1-9.sbn alias  cnu75.8-5-2TH1-9.sbn
tftp-server flash:/phones/7975/cvm75sccp.8-5-2TH1-9.sbn alias  cvm75sccp.8-5-2TH1-9.sbn
tftp-server flash:/phones/7975/dsp75.8-5-2TH1-9.sbn alias  dsp75.8-5-2TH1-9.sbn
tftp-server flash:/phones/7975/jar75sccp.8-5-2TH1-9.sbn alias  jar75sccp.8-5-2TH1-9.sbn
tftp-server flash:/phones/7975/SCCP75.8-5-2S.loads alias  SCCP75.8-5-2S.loads
tftp-server flash:/phones/7975/term75.default.loads alias  term75.default.loads

load 7975 SCCP75.8-5-2S

Then reset the phone.

Then after it completes, use CCA PLM to delete and readd the official 7975 load and reset it again.

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