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Real Time Call Reporting


I have seen the post from Cisco on real time call reporting for the Cisco UC500 Series.  I have requested information from these vendors and have a demo of one, but they all seemed to be aimed at Call Accounting and Billing.  I am looking for Real Time Call Reporting for a Call Center environment.  I do not need to account for the amount of money spent, rather real time calls, call logging, etc.

Does anyone know of any that would fit this criteria?

The one I am currently demo'ing is VeraSMART, but they again are Call Reporting.

This is for several clients in need of this software for Cisco UC540/560.

Thank You


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Re: Real Time Call Reporting

Hi Help Desk,

I myself am still working on this, I am using the Call Accounting function in CCA and having the UC-560 generate CDR records and pushing them to an FTP server, so far I am able to get these records generated locally onto the flash card but still cannot get it to push it to an FTP server. On top of that I can only get it to generate the records every hour, I am still trying to work out how to get it near-real-time, which seems to be eluding me right now

Basically I have a friend and colleague who does work for me, generating a PEARL/CGI Web based GUI that will capture all the information reported in the CDR records and use it for all forms of reporting including basic Call Center "Boarding" functionality, the only other option is Cisco Contact Center Express, which at this stage is not really even an option given the costs and the ability to set it up on the UC-500 series.

VeraSMART seems to be the way to go from what I have read on it, but still have not found a local partner here in Australia that can demo it.

Can you please let me know how you go with VeraSMART, maybe even give a little review on it??



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Re: Real Time Call Reporting

I've tried VeraSmart, as at one time the license came bundled with the UC5xx.

First of all is quite demanding in term of requirements, wants dedicated 2088R2 server on which you cannot have any other SQL application running.

Then it is intrusive to the router as it tries to configured it automatically without even telling you what it's doing.

After, it doesn't work as some module is unable to recognise the extension range and permanently throws an error.

Technical support for the bundled version is limited and was of not much help.

That was almost one year ago, I don't know if they fixed these problems now.

Another wll know application is Billy by Stonevoice.

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Re: Real Time Call Reporting

Hi helpdesk

I have been working with a supplier I work with here in the UK. They are almost their with full call reporting etc. However also built into their application they have the ability for real time stats and wall board functionality on an LCD screen.

If this is what your looking for let me know.

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Re: Real Time Call Reporting

Sorry for the delay.  I have found what I am looking for I believe.

Company is out of Italy and they are called Imagicle.  They have software called Queue Manager which does exactly this.

After months of looking, it appears this is resolved!

Thanks for the suggestions everyone!

In response to VeraSMART's application, it works very well however, to mimic real time call reporting you must set a refresh through the web to refresh their App in addition to doing this on the backend.  It works well for reporting call statistics after the month is over is you wish to bill, but it is not practical for a Call Center real time viewer.

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