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New Member

Remote Users: ETA

With all of the new features and function of the new firmwares coming out, the UC300 is becoming a really great device.  However, I'm still waiting for the ability to connect remote users to a UC300 over a vpn.

When will this feature be available?  Is this feature even coming to the UC300?



Cisco Employee

Remote Users: ETA

Hi Aaron;

I can say yes, feature is coming. We are planning/working on this feature to release it by summer timeframe. Please note this is only an estimation at this point as not a commitment since the project is not committed yet, so please dont take this as an endorsement but plan at this point.

As soon as we commit the execution and delivery towards a certain date, we will communicate it.


New Member

Re: Remote Users: ETA

Hi Alberto. I was wondering if this feature has been released yet. I have just deployed the UC320W in our office in Ohio and need to configure 3 phones to ship to our Montreal office for use over our existing VPN. The UC320W is currently running firmware version 2.1.2(1) as I have not updated to the latest FW yet. I have read the release notes for the 2.2.2 and 2.3.2 FW and there was no mention of the feature being added. Also we are using SPA504G phones. Please advise.

Best Regards,


New Member

Re: Remote Users: ETA

Hi Tim, I'm pressing for the same issue myself and all is quiet from Cisco.  The last I heard is everything is being re-evaluated.  There has obviously been significant change at Cisco, there has been some rather idiotic decisions taken in the USA that don't seem to apply to the rest of the world.  Especially where your telecoms are still done with paper cups and bits of string!

I've just tested internally with two SRP 527's to create the site to site VPN and SPA525 phones, but it simply doesn't work.  The VPN is fine and stable, but the issue is the design of the UC320 in that it uses multicast IP addressing, which cannot be sent over the VPN, this means the phones wont register to the UC320.

You could perhaps try creating a SIP trunk in the UC320, telling it not to register and point the SIP details of the phone directly to the UC320 - this isn't something I've tested and I dont think you'll get many call features and routing would probably be a nightmare.

Anything that we do at this stage until Cisco have a solution for us is purely messing about and probably not worth the time spent trying to get it to work.  Unfortunately as I've said on the forum before, the SMB devision as was seems to have taken second fiddle to other projects going on in Cisco and the poor UC320 seems to have lost most attention

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