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Reset Username/Password on UC520

I decided to upgrade our demo UC520 to the latest version of the software (8.0).

Bad decision.

Using CCA, this upgrade killed the UC520. Using some of the discussions on this forum, I have managed to reload an earlier version of the software.

But, now I can't login to CCA: it doesn't like any of the username/password combinations I can think of. (cisco/cisco, admin/admin, admin/cisco, cisco/admin, and a bunch of others) I can login to Telnet. Telnet doesn't need a username, so it lets me in.

Is there a way to reset/recover the username to login to CCA?

I tried the Password Recovery procedure found on this forum, and have managed to change the password, but can't find a way to change/recover the username.



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Re: Reset Username/Password on UC520

Hi Marc,

If you have console access to the system, you can do the following:

  • power the system down
  • plug your console cable into the system and your pc
  • power the UC up and hit the pause break key on your pc keyboard
  • when you get to rommon node type in the following "confreg 0x2142"
  • reload the system by typing the "reload" command
  • after it reloads do the following

  • router# conf t
  • router[config]# username privilege 15 secret 0
  • router[config]#exit
  • router# wri mem
  • router# reload

Hopefully i havent missed any steps, this will allow you to pretty much break into your system, reset the username and password and be all happy and merry again.

Hope you resolve it all and are able to use your system once more, i have seen this problem before it normally happens when the upgrade procedure doesnt go to plan, so have had to do it this way a couple of times before.



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Re: Reset Username/Password on UC520

Did you set the configuration register back to 0x2102 after password recovery?

If you don't do that, the router never reads its startup-config.

Which leads to problems following the instructions for using CCA to configure the router.

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