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Ring tones for internal calls vs calls coming through blast group

I have a new UC560 system with the Cisco SPA504G phones.  I had help getting the system running but am now trying to customize it to better fit our business needs.
We typically have a core group of people who answer the phones on any given day.  Currently they are using a shared line for all incoming calls, but this gets confusing when people answer an incoming call and keep the incoming call, place them on hold, etc.  It is really too similar to our old keyed system so users are becoming confused.  What works well though is that this shared line is setup as a silent button on everyone else's phone so it is easy to see an incoming call and answer that incoming call if nobody who normally answers the phone is here.
I want to use a blast group, which will allow people to put callers on hold and transfer them in a more intuitive way.  This will also allow our front desk to see users presence with their sidecar since calls will be answered in the incoming extension.  The problem is finding a way for everyone else to audibly identify that there is an external call coming in that is not being picked up so that they can do pickup on one of the lines in the group and then pickup the call on their own extension.
I noticed in the ephone-dn there is a option for ring. (  Can I use this with the call blast configuration to configure different ringtones on these devices for internal calls coming just to that extension vs external calls coming to the blast group?

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