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Ring type IP7940 on UC500

Dear All,

Maybe you could help me out with the issue I discover.

The problem is that we have a UC500 and IP7940 connected on the UC500, the users are using a login-logout profile. The problem is that the ring type must be the same, no matter if you are using your login profile, but now there are two different Ring Types. There must be one ring type for the phone.

Could you also tell me what the difference is between Ring type ''Feature Ring'' and ''Normal Ring'' could this be the problem that the system configuration isn't correct, soa all the ring type must be set on Normall or feature ring?

Find below a part of the user and logout profile config.

voice logout-profile 18
user deskdrie password 1234
number 220 type normal

voice user-profile 16
user naj password 1234
number 205,220 type feature-ring

Thanks in advanced.


Community Member

Re: Ring type IP7940 on UC500

If you want the same ring in both states, use "Normal".

Form the documentation, here is what Feature Ring means:

"Feature ring. Differentiates incoming calls on a special line from incoming calls on other lines on the phone. The feature-ring cadence is a triple pulse, as opposed to a single pulse for normal internal calls and a double pulse for normal external calls"

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