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Roadmap to support 8941 8945 and iphone cisco jabber ?


Is there a roadmap for the uc500 (uc520) ?

Is there a plan to support the 8941 and 8945 ?

Same question for the Cisco Jabber for iphone and android ?

If the answer is positive, do we have an approximative date ?

I read this document, at this date it is not supported



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Re: Roadmap to support 8941 8945 and iphone cisco jabber ?

Hi Philipppe,

Well this is my set of answers I am sure someone else will jump in with there's as well

1. Click on the documents tab (One level up) and then click on the UC500 software packs link, there is a brief roadmap there to work of, not sure how often it is updated or accurate it is.

2. I believe that that this series and others will be supported in the next major release.... Fingers crossed

3. This is unlikely until SIP DN's are supported on the UC500 CME fully, we may see a partial support this release, only if CCA 3.2 supports it, if CCA does not support it then no.

4. Potentially first quarter, if not the first then not likely till the third or 4th quarter if we follow their major release cycles

Hope this answers at least some of your questions



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