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Routing 1 inbound and 3 outbound PSTN on spa 400


I have a new install for a client consisting of an SPA 9000 and 2 SPA 400s.  One of the SPA 400's is for 4 PSTN lines and the other is for voicemail. No VOIP providers are involved. The client has a total of 6 employees.  They currently have a key system that is setup to have one PSTN number the inocming line and the others the outgoing lines.  Can I configure this on one SPA 400?  Or would I need to use 2 and setup an incoming call route on line 1 of the 9000 and an outgoing route on line 2 of the 9000?  Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you.

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Re: Routing 1 inbound and 3 outbound PSTN on spa 400


Thanks for everyone looking but I figured it out myself.  My SPA 400 that has the PSTN lines is on line 1 on the 9000.  I was able to only have the 1,2,3 lines on the SPA dial out but creating the following call routing rule   


So basically pressing 9 gets you one of the 3 outbound lines or none if they are all taken.  Then for the inbound line I created a contact list that looked like this 860xxxxxxx:10, 11, 12, cfwd=aa

This allowed the incoming line ring those 3 extensions and then go into the aa if no one picked up.


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