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SCC Operator

I am working on an install where the the receptionist phones have multiple appearances representing multiple companies.  When configuring the SCC Operator, I see that there is an option to display text on hunt groups.

The text only shows on the screen pop when the hunt group is configured to use the primary extension on the phone. Furthermore, If that phone is a member of multiple hunt groups, The same text is displayed irregardless of which hunt group is dialed.

Looking for advice on how to differentiate the calls on the scren pops.


Re: SCC Operator

Hi jakins12

The greeting text displayed in the popup window can be specified per operator queue. The queues can be configured from the Configuration Manager - Manage Oeprator Parameters section. If you are using hunt groups -- one for each company, and assigning one or more of the operator DNs to the group member list, then in the Configuration Manager:

1. Create a new Queue for each company. Make it of type "Hunt Group" and select the hunt group for that queue.

2. The list of available numbers will show the numbers from the operator's phone that are in the hunt group.

3. Enter the queue priority and also the greeting text. This is the text that is displayed in the popup window.

4. Save to queue configuration

5. Repeat for each company.


a) When you make the operator "available to take calls" it will automatically log in to the hunt groups and conversely when unavailable it will log outthe DNs.

b) When all the DNs are busy or when no one is logged in to the hunt group, the hunt group forwarding path is taken by the calls.

Let us know if you have any other questions. For more information, please see the chapter on Operator Call Queues in the SCC Administrator's Guide.


SCC Team

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