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Screensaver - Picture Download of multiple files - SPA525g

I have a SPA525g running the 7.4.3 firmware. I have been able to configure the Screensaver module to grab a BMP or JPG file from a webserver over http, but the "Picture Download" feature seems to be limited to only one picture. In another thread I came across (lost the link) someone mentioned that the Picture Download must specify a file -- it cannot perform directory browsing of a webserver path.

It seems a bit pointless to have a single picture as a screensaver. Does anyone know if/how one can configure the Picture Download setting to grab a series of images instead of just one?

I did discover that the Picture Download does support GIF files, however, it would not load the animations in an animated GIF.

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Re: Screensaver - Picture Download of multiple files - SPA525g

This is as designed, to download one picture.  I'll forward your comments about being able to download more than one.  Thanks.

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