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Selectively withholding CLI when dialling out

Is this possible?  Customer would selectively like to withhold their CLI, ie when calling some numbers.


We have a site with a UC 560, and we only have SSH access to the CLI from our location.

The customer has emailed and asked if it’s possible to program a code (eg. *141) to withhold CLI information on a call-by-call basis?  The site is a school, and sometimes want to be a bit stealthy.

The site has ISDN2 with 6 channels for outgoing/incoming calls.


I have tried the following, but it’s not working for the customer:



1. enable

2. configure terminal

3. telephony-service

4. caller-id block code code-string

5. exit

6. ephone-dn dn-tag

7. caller-id block

8. end


   Command or Action  Purpose 

Step 1 



Router> enable

Enables privileged EXEC mode.

•Enter your password if prompted.

Step 2 

configure terminal


Router# configure terminal

Enters global configuration mode.

Step 3 



Router(config)# telephony-service

Enters telephony-service configuration mode.

Step 4 

caller-id block code code-string


Router(config-telephony)# caller-id block code *1234

(Optional) Defines a code that users can enter before making calls on which the caller ID should not be displayed.

•code-string—Digit string of up to 16 characters. The first character must be an asterisk (*).

Step 5 



Router(config-telephony)# exit

Exits telephony-service configuration mode.

Step 6 

ephone-dn dn-tag


Router(config)# ephone-dn 3

Enters ephone-dn configuration mode.

Step 7 

caller-id block


Router(config-ephone-dn)# caller-id block

(Optional) Blocks display of caller-ID information for all outbound calls that originate from this dirceory number.

•This command can also be configured in ephone-dn-template configuration mode and applied to one or more directory number. The ephone-dn configuration has priority over the ephone-dn-template configuration.

Step 8 



Any ideas what I am missing, and is it possible to selectively withhold CLI on ISDN calls out?

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Selectively withholding CLI when dialling out

Take "debug isdn q931" with "term mon" when making a CLID blocked call as above.

If the presentation allowed bit is set correcntly to "no", that means telco is ignoring it.

In that case you have to ask telco what is the code for selectively block CLID, and use it with a dedicated DP.

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Selectively withholding CLI when dialling out

Hi Mikael,

In CCA, if you go to the outbound call rules and go to the Caller ID tab, look right at the top and it actually asks you if you want to setup selective CLI code

I use *55 as it is simple to remember, but you can use the one you listed above as well, this works very well with ISDN services, however check with your carrier if you can push out no number and they will honor it, that way when ever you do the selective CLID it will get sent out as blank and the carrier will then push the call out as "Private"... This of course is dependant on where you are located.



Cheers, David Trad. **When you rate a persons post, you are indicating a thank you or that it helped, but at the same time you are also helping to maintain the community spirit - You don't have to rate posts and you wont be looked down upon :) *
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Selectively withholding CLI when dialling out

Thank you both!  I will try this at customer site when I next visit.

Much obliged for your help.

Kind Regards


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