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Set time with no internet

I am planning a uc320 and need to set the time for the day night schedule to work. We won't have internet for a couple weeks, but need the phones operating on schedule. This is a real stupid feature to only have an automatic time. It already bit me in the butt when it did its maintenance reboot and intenet had went down. 320 was couple of hours off and all calls were going to voicemail. Any help would be nice. I know in the beta we had the advancepage to set the time, but you took that away. Anything like that in the current release. Any help is appreciaited.

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Set time with no internet

Hi Mark,

As you've noticed, our current product requires the WAN connection for time to be set automatically.  We don't allow manual time setting but we did just issue a Platform Modification File to change the NTP server from that in the default configuration.  This can include a LAN side sever if necessary.  I'm not sure if that PMF meets your needs or not but if so, you need to be running the MR2 software and the PMF is described at the following link.



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Set time with no internet

Adding to Jeff's response.  If you do some searching on the internet you can find PC based software that will take a PC's time of day clock and then use that as the source time to act as an NTP server for your network.  This would give you a workable solution until internet service is connected.


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