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Setting time to EST instead of UTC / Timecard view issue/ not synching

Hi everyone,

Need some help. I have a UC 520. using timecard view. I'm exporting the data from cisco historical reports client. When I look at the data, the times are off by about 5 hours. If I log into the phone, it will show the correct time.

(example 11/2 frank in since 10:00am)

When I goto the historical reports client and pull my user activity report is show my start time as 05:00

I'm currently running ios version 12.4(20)T2

cisco unity express 7.0.3

I have the UC pointed to a external ntp server (read a post about a issue with synch in a order ios version)

ntp server  (go penn state!!!!) But for some reason, the cue will not synch

UC520#sho ntp associations

  address         ref clock       st   when   poll reach  delay  offset   disp
~     .LOCL.           7     15     16   377  0.000   0.000  0.246
*~    .WWV.            1   1019   1024   377  0.000  -2.643 14.824
* sys.peer, # selected, + candidate, - outlyer, x falseticker, ~ configured

UC520#sho ntp status

Clock is synchronized, stratum 2, reference is
nominal freq is 250.0000 Hz, actual freq is 249.9918 Hz, precision is 2**28
reference time is CE9977FD.49CFF4FF (10:23:41.288 est Mon Nov 2 2009)
clock offset is -0.0026 msec, root delay is 0.03 msec
root dispersion is 0.03 msec, peer dispersion is 0.01 msec
loopfilter state is 'CTRL' (Normal Controlled Loop), drift is 0.000032741 s/s
system poll interval is 1024, last update was 1041 sec ago.

UC500-CUE# sho ntp status
NTP reference server :
Status:                       sys.peer
Time difference (secs):       0.0020813329610973597
Time jitter (secs):           0.009716221364215016

UC500-CUE# sho clock detail
10:45:40.292 EST Mon Nov 02 2009
time zone:                              America/New_York
clock state:                            unsync
delta from reference (microsec):        2003
estimated error (microsec):             6668
time resolution (microsec):             1
clock interrupt period (microsec):      10000
time of day (sec):                      1257176740
time of day (microsec):                 304691

Trying to figure out why this will not synch up correctly

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Re: Setting time to EST instead of UTC / Timecard view issue/ no

Can you capture the output of "show clock" from the UC 500? What's the timezone setting on CUE? Could you have an incorrect timezone configured?


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Re: Setting time to EST instead of UTC / Timecard view issue/ no

UC520#sho clock
12:09:05.023 est Mon Nov 2 2009

UC520(config)#clock timezone cst -6
UC520#sh clo
11:11:25.492 cst Mon Nov 2 2009

changed it to cst

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Re: Setting time to EST instead of UTC / Timecard view issue/ no

Thank. sCan you capture the output from both UC500 and CUE at the same time? Also, it will be helpful to look at the NTP/Timezone/clock configurations on both the UC500 and the CUE.

- Saurabh

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