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Setting up Blast with Voicemail

I am trying to set up a simple sytem(only 3 phones) have them all ring at once and if no one answers have it go to voicemail. All 3 phones had their own voicemail set up( I deleted 2 of them as I was trying different things to get it to work). There is a general voicemail (399) and then there is a new voicemail that is attached to the blast. I can call the number and it works fine, rings on all 3 phones, I leave a message but then I cannot find the voicemail that I just left in either the 399 or the original user voicemail box. When I try the blast voicemail box (511) it says it will not let me access it at that time. Please let me know what I am doing wrong.


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Re: Setting up Blast with Voicemail

When you setup a Blast Group, and forward to voicemail.  The system creates a GDM (General Delivery Mailbox).  You can access this mailbox by going to voicemail on one of the phones, then when you get the options menu, you should have an option to press 9 for GDM's.   The users phone, or voicemail you are using to access the VM system, has to be a member of that GDM.

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