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Setup remote users on UC540

Hi Again,

I'm installing my 3rd Cisco UC540. This time the salesman has sold a UC540 with SPA509g. This setup will be installed in a multisite setup, where the main site will have the UC540, PoE switch and SPA509g. The remote sites will have only SPA509 handsets with power packs.

The customer has a WAN setup and it's not VPN tunneling, it's straight WAN.

The main site will have the standard setup where VLAN 1 is data and VLAN 100 is voice. VLAN 1 will have a DHCP from a Windows server (172.16.1.x) and the UC540 DHCP will handle VLAN 100 (10.1.1.x). However the remote sites will not have a VLAN setup. The remote sites has basically 1 or 2 users. So traffic is minimal.

To get the remote phones to connect back to the main site do I simply setup some static routing on the remote router for the following IP addresses 10.1.1.x, (CUE)?

Or I need to do more things?

The remote phones will get local IP address from the remote routers (172.16.2.x) and the second remote site has 172.16.3.x.

Any assistance is much appreiciated.

Kind Regards


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Setup remote users on UC540


You will need to deploy a router capable of IPSEC or SSL VPN tunnels back to the UC540 for your scenario to work.  Alternately, you could use an SSL connection or IPSEC VPN connection from a laptop to use IP Communicator (soft phone). 

I would use the SA540, SR5xx series, or an 800 series router.  Instructions on how to set up the tunnels are on this site in several places.  If you need further instructions, you can PM me or answer here.

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Setup remote users on UC540

If you have a working WAN (as you seem to suggest) then you can auto-assign the required info via whatever is doing DHCP at the remote sites.

If you use option 150 in DHCP and set it to the IP address of the UC540, it should all work, provided you can indeed route between sites.  On a Cisco router, for example, with UC540 = and remote router site on


ip dhcp pool phones


   option 150 ip



I use this set-up for most remote phones that have existing WAN routing (VPN by 3rd party etc)

If you do not have access to change the DHCP options (the easy way!) then you can manually punch in the address on the phones themselves.


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