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Shared Lines - Missed Calls


I've setup a site with 7931 handsets and a UC520 chassis.

The site has about 4 receptionist & administration workers that answer all the incoming calls, I've basically mapped 4 buttons on the 7931's as Line 1, Line 2, Line 3, Line 4, with 4 ephone-dn's that cfa to each other on busy.

ephone-dn  10
  number 50
  label 50
  call-forward busy 51
  no huntstop
ephone-dn  11
  number 52 no-reg primary
  label 52
  call-forward busy 53
  no huntstop
ephone-dn  12
  number 53 no-reg primary
  label 53
  call-forward busy 65
  no huntstop
ephone-dn  13
  number 51 no-reg primary
  label 51
  call-forward busy 52
  no huntstop


ephone  7
  device-security-mode none
  mac-address 0021.55D4
  ephone-template 15
  type 7931
  button  1:30 2w24 3w17 4w35
  button  5w34 6w38 8w36 9w29
  button  10w31 11w37 12w41 13w39
  button  14w32 15w40 16w33 17:12
  button  18:11 19:13 20:10


Because there is 4 phones with button mapping as above, each of the phones is showing a missed call for every call that comes in, is there a way to either disable the phone showing missed calls or stop the other phones showing a missed call if they dont answer one of the shared lines?



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Re: Shared Lines - Missed Calls

If you change the button assignment from normal to overlay (":" to "o") then this should do the trick. Notice that overlay needs at least two dn's (which you can create with the same number). From the documentation:

"When a call on an ephone-dn is answered, that ephone-dn is no longer accessible to other phones that share the ephone-dn in overlay mode. For example, if extension 1001 is answered by phone 1, caller ID for extension 1001 remains on phone 1 and is removed from the displays of phone 2 through phone 5. All actions pertaining to the call to extension 1001 (ephone-dn 1) are visible from the phone 1 display only."



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Re: Shared Lines - Missed Calls

Hello Marcus,

I would like to do the same thing only with hunt groups. Can you provide the link to the documentation you referenced?

Many thanks.


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Re: Shared Lines - Missed Calls

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