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Sidetone - Cisco 504g

About to RMA this phone, but wanted to know if this was normal or an issue with this specific phone.

When I pick up the handset, or in call, there is no sidetone generated. What little feedback that exists is distorted and only happens for a brief moment.

Is this normal? My SPA962 behaves as expected, but the 504g i am testing with is.. different.


(Firmware 7.3.7)

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Re: Sidetone - Cisco 504g

Seems this issue exists on all the 504g phones I have out "in the wild". I have opened a ticket with support and will provide further info here as the ticket is investigated.


Re: Sidetone - Cisco 504g

Atlantia Tech, thanks for this post.  If you find the time, would you please update us with the status of your case?

Many thanks


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Re: Sidetone - Cisco 504g

This is still in process, the tech I am dealing with said:

I want to be sure I'm understanding the problem (sidetone)  you have with your SPA504 phones.

When you blow into the mouthpiece of a 504 handset, you expect to
hear the sound of wind or static or some kind of feedback
that indicates the phone detected the blowing air and converted it into
a sound similar to wind blowing or sort of a static sound. Is this
close to what you're looking for?

I tested several (8 or 9) SPA502, SPA504, SPA508, and SPA509
phones in our lab. Most of these phones were registered with UC540 IP
PBX's using SPCP. I also connected one phone to an SPA9000 to test
using SIP instead of SPCP. In all cases, the phones produced a blowing
sound when I blew into the mouthpiece, so it seems the phones in our
lab are providing this sidetone.

If I'm testing the wrong thing, or this blowing sound is not what you're looking for, please let me know.

When you blow into the mouthpiece, do you not hear anything at all in the earpiece?

I just got a 525g in last week after I received this email and:

1.) registered phone with pbx to enable "dial tone" (can also set phone to dial without registration to test)

2.) picked up handset and pressed first line key

3.) blow or tap mouthpiece to check for sidetone.

It is completely dead on the earpiece side when I do this.


Just updated to spa525g-7.4.3 firmware, and now the 525 has sidetone! No luck with the 504s yet, but this is promising at least.

Cisco Employee

Re: Sidetone - Cisco 504g


Thanks for testing the SPA525G with 7.4.3 and reporting that it produces sufficient sidetone.

Looking over the thread, it's not clear if you've used 7.4.3 with the SPA50xG phones.

I'll test the SPA504G with 7.4.3 and report back.

I'll open a CDETS against the SPA50xG if there is no sidetone.




Cisco Employee

Re: Sidetone - Cisco 504g

Community update:

I've loaded 7.4.3a on a SPA504G and registered it against Asterisk.

I dial a steering digit and blow. I am hearing sidetone.

Please test 7.4.3 on your SPA504G and let me know if you're satisfied with the sidetone.





Re: Sidetone - Cisco 504g

Rock on Patrick!

Good stuff, thanks for the quick lab test!

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