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Single Line Extension on a UC300

Hello everyone!

I'm having an issue with a new UC320 install for a client.

Inbound calls come from a SIP trunk to the UC320.  From there, the client requests that the system act like a key system.  I know that in the UC320 config page SIP trunks and a key system are mutually exclusive.  However, with a more feature rich system its possible to emulate this sort of behavior.

Essentially what they want to have happen is for inbound calls to ring to 3 shared extensions in turn, lets call them line 1, line 2 and line3. 

If a call is on Line 1, the receptionist wants to be able to put this call on hold and then answer the next call on Line 2 and so on with Line3.  After Line3 the call should go to voicemail.  The extensions need to be shared for ease of other users accessing these calls.

The only way I would know to provide this functionality is to create 3 extensions and assign each to all phones.  However, when I create these 3 extensions, the second call does not roll to the second extension but rather to the second line on the first extension.  This prevents the call from being transferred and so it doesn't do our receptionist any good.  I can then stop this behavior by turning off call waiting on the phone but this also does not work for us as the receptionist can no longer answer any calls but the first.

Has anyone been able to provide a scenario like I describe above and have it work?

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Single Line Extension on a UC300

I forgot to mention.  The phones are SPA504s and the system is using the latest non-release candidate software i believe its 2.0.9

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