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Single Number Reach (SNR) outgoing caller-id

When you enable SNR and call the user's extension... it calls the user's cell phone, but the caller-id on the cell phone shows the uc500's main-line number and not the user's DID/PSTN number.    However, if you call from the user's extension directly, their DID/PSTN number shows correctly.  Can this be modified for SNR?

Below is the configuration regarding this user's extension as well as the outgoing dial-peer and translation rule.

voice translation-rule 1111

rule 2 /107/ /xxxxxx1707/

voice translation-profile PSTN_Outgoing

translate calling 1111

dial-peer voice 1001 voip

corlist outgoing call-local

description ** Outgoing call to SIP trunk (Cbeyond Communications) **

translation-profile outgoing PSTN_Outgoing

destination-pattern 9[2-9].........

voice-class codec 1

voice-class sip dtmf-relay force rtp-nte

session protocol sipv2

session target sip-server

dtmf-relay rtp-nte

ip qos dscp cs5 media

ip qos dscp cs4 signaling

no vad

ephone-dn  34  dual-line

number 107 secondary xxxxxx1707 no-reg both

label Stacy

description Stacy Thompson

name Stacy Thompson


snr 9xxxxxx0123 delay 5 timeout 20 cfwd-noan 500

allow watch

call-forward busy 500

call-forward noan 500 timeout 20

corlist incoming user-domestic

hold-alert 120 originator

night-service bell


Re: Single Number Reach (SNR) outgoing caller-id

With basic SNR - you cannot tweak the caller ID to be based on the user extension being called.

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Re: Single Number Reach (SNR) outgoing caller-id

So, the UC500 only has the "basic" SNR or is there more advanced configurations?    Is there the going to be the ability to pass the caller-id of the source caller to be passed to the second phone for SNR?


Re: Single Number Reach (SNR) outgoing caller-id

The integrated SNR functionality in UC500 does not allow for changing the caller ID to be the DID of the extension - if you use UCC Mobility (which is the "advanced" SNR) then this is an option.

With regards to passing the caller ID of the original PSTN caller to the SNR cell phone - that is more a limitation on the PSTN circuit (FXO this cannot be done as the caller id is controlled by the telco, PRI or SIP it is doable on the UC500 but most SPs would not want calls coming from a caller ID that is not mapped to a DID on that system)

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Re: Single Number Reach (SNR) outgoing caller-id

I too need this functionality.  I have a PRI and my provider will not touch what

I send... What ever I send, goes!  So how is

this accomplished on the UC500 ?


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Re: Single Number Reach (SNR) outgoing caller-id

here is the way SNR works on our system.

outside call call's my DID or the caller call's main number and our operator transfers the call to my ext and SNR kicks in and send the call to my cell, the call id I see is the original caller ID not my ext, did or main number.

now if a call is made from inside the building i.e. extension to extension then when SNR send that call to my cell then I see the caller id of my company's main number.

If I call outside of my company the the caller id is the main number of the company. 

to make this work what we did was in CCA we do not have caller ID listed as the default caller ID but instead we have created 2 rules that have a range of extension that will present the caller id of our main number . this is what it looks like from the command line.

voice translation-rule 4

  rule 14 /^2\(..\)$/ /******3403/

The rule above means anything that starts with 2 and is 3 digits will get translated to "******3403". I was told that I would need  to remove this if I wanted the extension to show as caller ID. I could also leave this in place and explicitly configure each phone that needs to send out their DID.

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