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Single Number Reach (SNR) problems

Enabled Single Number Reach in CCA and added a number to ONE user's extension.    Here are some problems I encountered.

1.  The only way you can change the delay and the timeout is via CLI...  can this be added to either the CUE web GUI or CCA or in CME Services on the phone?

2.  If a user/extension that is not configured with an SNR, they still have the ability to access the Single Number Reach section in the Phone Apps on the phone and change the number.   Because they do not have it configured on their extension, and if they change the number shown, it changes it for another user that does have it configured.   If a user does not have SNR configured, shouldn't there be a way to activate it first and THEN be able to change the SNR number?


Re: Single Number Reach (SNR) problems

Hi Brandon and thanks for the post.  help us understand a bit more....

What Platform and release (bundle) are you running?

Did you configure with CCA 2.1?

Number 1:  There is no way in CCA2.1 to adjust the SNR timers today.  We can ask the product manager to consider this request, no problem.

Number 2: I have a system with SNR enabled (CCA 2.1 Applications: Smart Applications) and only one phone configured for it (with an SNR number).

Any other phone can go to MyPhoneApps and attempt to enter an SNR number, but it wont accept it and responds with a mesage (SNR Not Configured).

If I activate a phone to an SNR number via CCA 2.1, then it is adjustable from MyPhoneApps.  If I then deactivate it from CCA 2.1, its back to the initial condition, so I am not seeing the behavior you describe, where phone users without SNR can modify other phones.

Can you describe the SW, How you configured it, and the steps to reproduce?

Steve DiStefano

Field Channel SE

U.S. Sales


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