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sip register status

Hi all I need some guideance,

I have a SIP trunk, where the server it is registering to was recently changed at the provider site. I'm not sure where the problem occurs. I'm registering and recieving a 200 ok message. I can make inbound outbound calls after rebuilding the sip through CCA, however my register status still says no it is not registered. I'm registering with username and password, where normallly the username is the line for the sip registration. Something is not right but I can not pin point any reason for it to not show as registered. Any thoughts or suggestions as to where to look to get this to show up as registered?

Thanks for all your help


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Re: sip register status

E gats, well it was with my SIP provider. I learned something new today. Apparently due to the registration being cached on the SIP server my registration wasn't displaying properly. I monitored the registrations for a while and it looked like there were 2 registrations going for the one trunk. Stranger things could happen, I hope they don't though.

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