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Site to Site Voicemail

So I have a two site UC560 setup.  Which for the most part was setup using the CCA.  Some of the routing/etc had to be done manually due to a MPLS network existing, so there is no VPN its all over MPLS.

That said voicemail on site A works fine from external/internal.

Voicemail on site B works fine from external/internal.

Site A can call Site B and leave voicemails on Site B's CUE.

Site B CANNOT call Site A and leave voicemails on Site A's CUE.  The get a no mailbox associated with that extension.

Like I said it works fine from the outside/inside and from Site A to B.  Just not from B to A.

Where would I begin hunting for the issue?

Btw I use seperate phone networks on each end.

Site A -

Site B -

However both use the same CUE network/address of 10.1.10.x

I initially thought that may be the issue but then why can site B call A and leave voicemails, just not vice versa.

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