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Smart CallConnector

Anyone know if this will work for CME deployments as well? I don't see why it wouldn't since a UC500 is just a CME but you never know!

Also any rough cost estimates for the parts?

Cisco Smart CallConnector Server


Cisco Smart CallConnector Advanced (8 PAK)


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Re: Smart CallConnector

SCC Server, and Advanced Client have not been officially released at this time.  I "believe" the date is in the middle of July.  From the information I have, SCC will work with UC500 product line, and ISR on 28xx and 34xx.  (With CME versions 7.1 (12.4(24T) and 8.0 (15.1), and CUE Versions 7.0 and 8.0)

I do not have pricing information for you at this time.

Hopefully, someone from the product team and confirm this information for you.

Thank you,


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Re: Smart CallConnector

Can anyone else confirm that SCC will in fact work with CME.

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Re: Smart CallConnector

Sorry to jump in this thread but what's the difference between Smart Call Connector (Server and client) and Call connector for Windows (server and client).

We currently use the latter which works fine, but I do wonder if the WexEx Connect IM product will eventually replace it.


Bob James

Re: Smart CallConnector

Hi Bob et al..

Here is a brief synopsis  of my understand of Smart Call Connector (SCC)  and Unified Call Connector (UCC).

Smart Call Connector (SCC) wasn't designed to run with other CME platforms  such as ISR or ISR G2, but the development team really  designed SCC to run in conjunction with  the UC5XX platform. Can't confirm what Darren above suggested.

Smart Call connector product suite is made up of ;

  • Server  - due out shortly
  • Advanced Client  - due out shortly
  • Standalone Operator Console
  • Operator console
  • Free SCC toolbar  (which was due to be generally available last week, but still going through the internal machinations of Cisco approval processes.  It should be available shortly.)  Free toolbar is a standalone utility that provides click to dial functionality from outlook and Internet explorer

SCC product suite  also has an Operator Console option;

  • standalone software with no need to have a SCC server present as some server functionality is built into the software.
  • non standalone version, a small build in terms of software size, because it needs to logically connect to a SCC server or standalone operator console.

The non standalone version of the SCC Operator console can work in conjunction with a SCC server or the  standalone Operator Console.  This means that that a business can have a backup operator if the person at the  Standalone Operator console wants to  take a break.

There is also a product, which people are used to  called Unified Call Connector (UCC)  and there are a number of flavours of that software available ;

  • for Microsoft Windows
  • salesforce
  • Microsoft CRM
  • UCC client

The difference basic difference between  UCC  and SCC is that UCC server has Mobility functionality built in for multiple options and rules for reach me or SNR .

SCC is a server does not have this Mobility option, it was taken out of this software and mobility option  relies on the built in SNR capabilities now found with in CME.  SNR wasn't found in the UC500 CME this time last year.

Hope this helps.

regards Dave

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