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Smartport roles for SPA504G and VOIP server

I've currently got about 150 SPA504G phones connected to our four 3548 switches. Without smartports applied, everything seems to work, but the voice quality is erratic. In the hopes of improving the quality, I decided to enable smartport roles for each of the ports. The switch suggests IP Phone+Desktop for each of the phones, but when I apply them, the whole system fails. All red lights flashing on each phones and unable to initialize. By chance, I happened to reset the switch port on the voip server and now all the phones show up as green (OK) status in the switchvox web console, but can't make calls among themselves. A few questions:

1. If the phones are at IP Phone+Desktop role, with access VLAN of 1 (default) and voice VLAN of 2 (named Voice), how will they be able to communicate with our Digium Switchvox server that is on a different switch with no smartport role applied (or VLAN defined). In other words, do I need to put this voip server on one of the VLANs? Doesn't the voip server need to be on both VLANs to communicate by data AND voice with the phones? Sorry if it seems like a silly question. I'm new at this.

2. Does the smartport feature enable QOS features? By turning it on, do I get some QOS benefits and prioritization of voice traffic?

3. What role should I setup the voip server switch port as? How should I configure the port?

4. I would also need to enable VTP on each switch also, to share the VLAN info, right?

Thanks in advance!


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