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SPA 303 and some kind of Click to Call?

I recently purchased the a single SPA 303 configured to an acount - no thrills just one line easy setup for my home office.

I was trying to find some kind of solution so I could click on a phone number on the web and it would automatically dial out from my SPA 303.

Hopefully there's just some program I can install on my computer that can communicate with the SPA 303 without the need for a server.

I saw some stuff regarding CUCME but that seems like an overkill for what I'm trying to do. Also saw some stuff like Call Ctrl which has vanished from the internet (company went bust?).

some users on dslreports forums recommended a script which performs something akin to anveo web call, which places the call to the destination and then to my SPA phone - but frankly that's not what I want.

Thanks in advance!

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sorry the site's Ui was

sorry the site's Ui was really laggy that day

I found this cool chrome extension called Cisco Dialer.

It works wonderfully with a simple setup (just put in the phone's IP address) hover over a gmail contact's number and a little phone pops up on the right hand side - click it and it automatically dials it through your cisco phone. I just wish this extension was chrome wide, not just for gmail contacts.


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