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SPA 303 ip phone IP address HELP!!

Hello! I am in great need of help. I bought a used Cisco 303 phone to use with Ring Central. However, when I went to provision the phone on the Ring Central interface, the IP address read How do I get the IP address? I am a small business owner and will be the only one using the physical phone. I have hooked up one ethernet cable to my modem and another to my pc. Ring Central did provide manual provisioning information. (see attached) But, I cannot figure out how to try that step either as I do not know how to perform this step as an administrator online. Please help! I am a VoIP dummy and have no clue if it's the phone or me!!

Any assistance is GREATLY appreciated!

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SPA 303 ip phone IP address HELP!!


It sounds like your phone is not able to get an IP address from your modem's DHCP server.  Make sure that the cable that is plugged into the modem is plugged into the bottom (SW) port on the phone. Once the phone is able to access the internet, then the phone should be able to retrieve it's configuration from Ring Central.

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SPA 303 ip phone IP address HELP!!

THank you so much for your quick response. I may need to get a different modem from my ISP!

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SPA 303 ip phone IP address HELP!!


Ive have almost the same problem also Ive bought a cisco 303 used phone also as i wanted the same model to have at home also.

my  server/hosting company is Ring central also but when i contacted RC we went through the menu on the phone and the IP address is there but not all of it something like 3 numbers at the end is missing.

was told by RC i need to find out the IP address for that phone.

on going through the menu on my office phone it also show 3 numbers short the same as the used phone i bought.

Like the advice you gave the other member i took the cable from my office phone knowing its giving out a signal with a working phone and still the same result.

can anybody advice me on my problem in getting the full IP address and i also contacted the seller who havent a clue about this stuff neither

Thank You

ps i also did a factory reset and same result also.

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