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SPA 303 repeatedly dropping registration

I am using RingCentral as my phone provider.   At my home office, it worked perfectly.  But after I moving into an office building, and have gotten business class internet, my phone keeps losing its registration.

I noticed in the web interface that it re-registers the phone every 32 seconds?   Sometimes it happens up to 20 times a day, others 10 or 15.  It's not consistentent other than the lights go orange for a few seconds and then back to green.

I'm trying to isolate this to either a hardware, internet provider, or RingCentral problem.

My broadband speed is 7MB down and .7MB up.

I've tried factory reseting and reprovisioning the phone several times.  Rebooted the router, etc.

Anybody run into this issue before?   Thanks in advance for any tips.

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SPA 303 repeatedly dropping registration

Looks like the problem was with the Ubee modem, or more specifically with the router portion of the device.  

Time Warner supplies the Ubee cable modem / router for their high speed and business class customers.   From what I found on the net, it's a pretty crappy router and suffers among other things, packet drops.

I changed its operating mode from NAT to Bridge, which basically turns it into a standard cable modem.  Now back on my old router, the phone is not losing its registration state.

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SPA 303 repeatedly dropping registration

Glad you were able to get this resolved, Jaime!

Desiree @ RingCentral

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Finally Did you Resolve the

Finally Did you Resolve the problem???? My phone do the same 10 time a day. I realize when the wan port of my router is down and the back up is up still in orange on my phone. I have to rebbot every time?????

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@gramirez84One of my remote


One of my remote employees had a similar issue.  I ended up resolving it by adding port triggers to the router as recommended by RingCentral.




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could you send me a document

could you send me a document or link please.



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Note that this is for

Note that this is for RingCentral's service.  If you are using a different VOIP provider, you should contact them as their settings may be different.

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