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SPA 504g Directory Deployment

Hello everyone,

How can I deploy a company directory to all the SPA504g through the network?

So far I can only see from the web GUI the personal directory and I have to add one by one the entries there, and do that on every phone one by will take days, and then if we change something it will be another series of updates....

Using FreePBX as the VoIP server.

Thanks for your help!


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SPA 504g Directory Deployment

Wrong forum, try "small business - phones". You can move the post using the panel on the right.

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Re: SPA 504g Directory Deployment

Thanks, it's been moved.

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SPA 504g Directory Deployment

Also, while googling this I did ran into another post where someone recommends a third party tool:

But I'm sure Cisco thought about this as one of the basic functions of managing the phones, so there's gotta be something built in somewhere, a template to upload, etc.

Will also post this at FreePBX just in case.


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SPA 504g Directory Deployment

From the articles that inspired the previous 3rd party app,

seems like only the SPA9000 PBX can populate these phone the easy way. Will have to see if I can get their alternative technique to work.

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SPA 504g Directory Deployment

I just realized that even when entering the values manually in the webgui they don't show up in the phone testing phone still has an empty personal directory even though I have put a couple of entries from the web interface.

When deploying configs to this phone, files uploaded to them are XML, so from the previous postings in which people suggest to wget html code up, I don't think that's working either.

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If your's firmware is recent

If your's firmware is recent enough, read Configuring Personal Address Book.

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