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SPA 504G Phone

A. We need the transfer to VM function available on our system


B. When we answer a call, can we have the soft keys on the desk phones do the following?

     1. XFER Transfer

     2. BXFER Blind Transfer

     3. XFR-VM transfer to VM

     4. Conf


C. And on the idle screen can the soft key #2 (dir) be replaced with Call History?


as i am non cisco guy will you please send me with Config/sample files 

so i can simply copy files and make it work


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Is this phone registered on a

Is this phone registered on a UC500 environment? Then you need to configure the softkey templates as you want and assign them to the specific ephones.


configure terminal

ephone template template-tag

4. softkeys alerting {[Acct] [Callback] [Endcall]}

5. softkeys connected {[Acct] [ConfList] [Confrn] [Endcall] [Flash] [Hlog] [Hold] [Join] [LiveRcd] [Park] [RmLstC] [Select] [TrnsfVM] [Trnsfer]}

6. softkeys hold {[Join] [Newcall] [Resume] [Select]}

7. softkeys idle {[Cfwdall] [ConfList] [Dnd] [Gpickup] [Hlog] [Join] [Login] [Newcall] [Pickup] [Redial] [RmLstC]}

8. softkeys remote-in-use {[CBarge] [Newcall]}

9. softkeys ringing {[Answer] [Dnd] [HLog]}

10. softkeys seized {[CallBack] [Cfwdall] [Endcall] [Gpickup] [Hlog] [MeetMe] [Pickup] [Redial]}


Those are all the available options for all the status, then you assign the template to an ephone:


ephone ephone-tag

ephone-template template-tag


You can see some more right here:


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no we are using with

no we are using with asterisks

no CME no CUCM



VIP Blue

Then ...XFER and BXFER PSKs

Then ...

XFER and BXFER PSKs are present on connected screen by default (bxfer is on the second screen, use right arrow to switch pages)

XFER to predefined number (including VM) is either not available in SIP mode or not documented feature

Conf PSK is present on connected screen by default as long as you have (at least two) connected calls to join.


PSK can be configuret via WWW UI, see [ Phone ] tab, search for "Programmable Softkeys" on bottom.


Turn "Programmable Softkey Enable" to on and then modify the lists according your wishes. Read Administrator's Guide for syntax description.


Note that particular PSK will not appear, depite ordered by configuration, unless conditions are fulfilled - for example, [ conf ] PSK will not appear unless you have active calls to join. xfer and bxfer will not appear unless call connected (it's not possible to transfer call in ringing state).


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