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SPA 508G program light colors/blinking

I have just deployed the SPA508G phones for my office due to the use of the "presence" feature that allows us to monitor other extensions in the office.  While we can now see when someone else in the office is on the phone (which is great), the way it shows a call in progress is a RED BLINKING LIGHT.  This is distracting for one person on the phone and when more than one person is on a call, it is downright annoying to have multiple blinking lights in your face.  I believe that it is possible to program this phone so that a call in progress on another line can be a solid red or solid orange light. 

I am correct about this assumption?  If so, can someone lead me in the right direction toward entering this code or making this change?

Also we are not using the 500s attendant console since we only need to monitor 6 lines in our office and 508G accomplishes this without the need for the additional hardware.


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SPA 508G program light colors/blinking

The info you want is in the admin guide.  Please download from  Refer to the section for Line Key LED Pattern so you can reprogram the LED pattern.

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