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SPA 525G[2]: monitor mjpeg video RTSP , remove PATH constraint

Having read the forum's guide on the topic , , and related errata

it's clear the phone can render MJPEG via RTSP.  The defect is the expectation of a needlessly specific URI PATH


The SPA 525G and 525G2 could easily display ANY RTSP stream of MJPEG; it certainly has the power.   If one constrained the video stream (or transcoded non-matching stream on the fly) to:

  • 320x240
  • 5 fps
  • Constant Bit Rate
  • (with low bitrate)


phone would play it PROVIDED one match the INANE URI PATH

SPA video monitoring bugs

  • Cannot use video monitoring with BlueTooth enabled
  • setting line to disabled is not enough  (admin advanced, voice, phone, bluetooth)

SPA video monitoring defects

  • cannot assign video monitor to soft touch button?
  • INANE URI PATH filter precludes direct use of compliant video via RTSP from other IP cameras

It IS possible to use other mjpeg stream via RTSP so long as one presents inane expected PATH

Please remove the PATH filter from the phone's firmware in the next update.

SPA525G2 video monitor DOES work with TrendNet TV-IP312  [ethernet IP Camera]

  • video encoding: mjpeg
  • video quality: normal
  • frame rate: 5

..with some creative use of nginx or apache

I don't use wifi because I prefer quality communication with minimal or zero jitter.  Home ISPs offer [inflict] wifi as a  way to oversell (depriving you of the bandwidth you purchase)


When will Cisco allow PATH variations?  I understand Cisco wanting to sell integration between products.  Cisco need NOT support third party RTSP video sources.  But Cisco OUGHT NOT prevent customer providing own additional value for one's own Cisco product.

[ Consider customer use of free Open Source PBX with Cisco SIP phones:  not supported but NOT disallowed ]


When will Cisco SPA video monitoring support MPEG4?  Yes, I understand there are more parameters to configure for MPEG4 vs MJPEG


When will Cisco SPA switch be upgraded from old timey  100BASE-TX  to  gigabit ethernet?

An appropriate reply SHALL NOT quote the above guide or section of documentation as it would insult the customer or demonstrate gross ineptitude on behalf of Cisco.

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