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SPA 525G2 Wireless connection to SR520W is weak and vlan may be incorrect

We are setting up a remote office with an sr520w and a spa525g2 phone to be used with the UC540 at the main office. Initial testing is good. The phone was registered at the main office first and now we are testing it remotely.

One thing we noticed is the wireless status on the phone keeps changing from 4 bars to 1 or 2 and sometimes it will display a small red dot. We are using wep 128 bit encryption. The phone is located approximately 25 feet from the router in an adjacent room which I would not think would be a problem.

The lan address subnet is which is the out of the box set up for the router. The router has 2 vlans, vlan 1 is the default vlan with no ip address associated with it and vlan 75 which is the subnet.

The spa 525g2 gets it's ip address through dhcp from the router and it is using vlan 1. Will this be an issue?

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Re: SPA 525G2 Wireless connection to SR520W is weak and vlan may

Let me clarify my questions.

What may be causing the intermittant wireless connection?


Will the phone using vlan 1 be an issue when the sr520w is really using vlan 75 for the local subnet?

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