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SPA 5xx Shared Lines and BLF's

I have been searching the Admin PDF for the answer to this question and it hasn't gotten me anywhere. Maybe someone can help me point it out.

I am deploying Cisco SPA 508 in a small office, we currently use Metaswitch. Hopefully you can pick up what I am putting down.

I am trying to replicate old key system features to ease customers into the 21st century. It's proven to be quite the task. I have been playing with designs and features for over 3 years and this is one of the few things that I cannot figure out.

I would like to display a MLHG on Line Keys 5-8 (Left side of the phone) the private extension of the user is on Line Key 1 of course.

Main lines represented:

Line 1 - hunt 1 (shared)

Line 2 - hunt 2 (shared)

Line 3 - hunt 3 (shared)

Line 4 - hunt 4 (shared)

All the phones have a side car to provide visibility into the business.

Here's the problem,

Scenario 1:

If I am a receptionist and someone else answers line 1, I have no idea who answered it because the private extension of that user is not participating in an active call, the shared line is. So from my stand point, I can see that line 1 has been answered, but I have no idea who (no BLF on side car)....leaving the side car completely useless.

Scenario 2:

Let's say I am the business owner, I have lines 1-4 in the same format but I dont answer any of the main lines on a regular basis, only if the receptionist is out sick or we are very busy. So I am going about my day, and I would like to make an outbound call. The first thing I do is pick up the phone, but at the same exact time someone is calling in....guess what, I just answered Line I sound like a moron because I was not prepared to answer a customer's call.

How can I avoid these scenarios?

For scenario 1, I would like to be able to answer line 1, but also display my BLF as busy (red) on the side car so everyone knows that I answered line 1. 

Line 1 - shared / my Ext.- busy BLF

For scenario 2, I would like to make it so anytime I pick up the hand set, I would physically have to select the line I want to answer/ call out on. I do not want the calls to be automatically answered when I pick up the hand set.

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SPA 5xx Shared Lines and BLF's

For #2 look at "SCA Sticky Auto Line Seize" on the Phone tab in the admin+advanced config, turning it on does exactly what you want for incoming calls.

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