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SPA phone provisioning profile adjustment while connected to UC320W


We're running remote SPA525G2 phones connected via a SSLVPN to a c881 router with multicast forwarding.

The c881 is then connected to the UC320's voice vlan for remote phone operation. The SSL VPN uses a subnet within the UC320's voice LAN and proxy arp on the c881 complets IP routing.

When the SPA525G2 phones connect to the UC320, the auto-provisioning feature restricts some of the phone's features, for example we can't use local wifi unless the ssid is the same as the UC320's. Also some of the SPA's keys are non functioning, so adding in the vpn details is a little tricky.

Would it be possible to relax the provisioning profile of the remote phones, so we can get back the full use of the handset ?



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Re: SPA phone provisioning profile adjustment while connected to


It is pretty evident the SPA525G2 is a very versatile phone. It operates in several protocols ( SPCP and SIP) and could be connected to several platforms, including UC300, UC500 and Hosted platforms. However all the features are not supported with all platforms. This would create a support nightmare for Cisco.

The UC300s stength is that, it is very prowerful and yet very simple platform to deploy. Opening it up to complex functionlity that you are talking about will undermine its stength. If you would like to explore features like VPN, Cisco recommends that you work with the UC500 platform.


Re: SPA phone provisioning profile adjustment while connected to


Thank you for your response.

While I understand you want to keep the unit simple, with this particular example all the hard stuff is being acheived using proper Cisco networking equipment and is separate to the UC320. The UC320 is completly standard. All I was requesting was a little control over the provisioning of the SPA525 phone, so that key functions are not disable, at least by default.

With my example the c881 is providing secure telephony access to the unit using standards based technology build in to both the router and telephone.


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