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SPA303-G1 not booting

SPA303-G1 not booting.  Tried with multiple other power supply units and outlets with no luck, the power supply unit that was originally used on this device does work on other phones.  Any suggestions?

Also an off topic question:  We have quite a few phones, is it possible to have a universal phonebook that can be updated at a parent level and reflects down the chain?   i.e.  Speed dial across all phones, update a speed dial, changes reflected on all within the group?

Thank you.

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Your device seems to be

Your device seems to be broken. If covered by warranty, return it to seller.

If you have hacker's soul, you can run a packet catcher to see if there are any packets sent from device in question. It may help you to discover some further details related to issue.

According phonebook read Remote end name versus device local lists


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How is there going to be any

How is there going to be any communication if it never boots? 


Regarding the phonebook link you posted, your post seems to be concerned with list names and their incoming or outgoing naming convention.

I want a universal address book across all devices.  If the SPA303 does not offer a feature like this, is there other VOIP phones that do that can be managed in this manner?

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As long as you can recognize

As long as you can recognize how far the boot sequence has been completed before the device become bricked, you need no further advice. You know better than me what's wrong with the device.


As central address book you take into consideration LDAP phonebook or XML phonebook. Although I have no SPA303 here, it seems this model support same phonebook-like features as SPA504.


Read administrator guide for further details.


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