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SPA303 PC Port problems

I am having issues with the PC Port on a SPA303 firmware 7.4.8a not correctly auto-negotiating ethernet 10/100 Mb full/half duplex. Connecting to this port is a HP Neoware CA21 thin client(TC) using a standard straight through known good cable. I have also tried a crossover just in case. When set to auto negatiate on both the SPA and the TC, the SPA just has a link down status. Since you can't manually adjust these settings on the SPA (which I find ridiculous) I have to change the settings on the TC. When I change the TC to 100Mb Full Duplex, the SPA sees it as 100 Mb Half Duplex. Same goes for whether I change it to 100 Mb Half Duplex (it shows 100 Mb Full Duplex) as well as the exact same occurence with 10 Mb Full or Half Duplex. Anybody else have problems with this? I have googled it and did find several results of other people having the exact same issue with auto-negotiation. I have been using the LinksysSPA9x2's for many years, and installed many implementations, and have several in production to this day, and never had this issue until I decided to test out the new Cisco branded Linksys phone.

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