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SPA500 Upgrade Process. If it fails

With the SPA501 firmware upgrades. Unlike the other SPA5xx phones this one doesn’t have a LCD screen, so we are concerned that a customer may reboot the phone during a firmware upgrade initiated from the remote config file, since they don’t realize that there is a firmware upgrade taking place.

Is there a way to give the user a warning that there is a firmware upgrade happening ? Does the phone save the new firmware image and verify it before deleting the older firmware image ? Or does it delete old one and copy in the new one, so if someone reboots the phone during this process it’ll stop working?



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Re: SPA500 Upgrade Process. If it fails

Currently… We do have LED to indicate that the phone is upgrading.

So during the upgrade process all the Line Keys will light up and blink in a special sequence to indicate that firmware upgrade is in progress.

Similar as other SPA500/SPA900 Series IP Phones

During this period of time, we highly recommend that customers do  not power cycle the phone.

The phone does have the intelligent to ensure that the downloaded Firmware has completed and passed it’s sanity check prior to replacing

It as the primary image.

Our firmware recovery method is pretty robust. Needless to say  Mishap does happen and the phone might get into a SOS Mode.

IF it does get into SOS mode please contact the Cisco Small Business Centre for the recovery .exe

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