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SPA500S Random Lights Go Out

I've got an issue with a Cisco SPA500S attached to a 504G.  Randomly the lights on the side car will go out for some time, usually until the user that is being monitored makes or recieves a call.  It seems to be either a configuration or network issue as I've swapped out both the side car and the phone.  I've done several packet captures when these events occur and have asked the user with the phone to document the issues including date and time.  I don't see anything in the packet captures that seem to corrispond with the issues, although I'm not 100% sure what i'm looking for. 

Does anyone know what mechinism causes the lights to go out?  Is there some timing parameter that I could adjust that would cause the system to ask for an update more often?

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SPA500S Random Lights Go Out

I believe you are talking with Stephen Foster in support on this issue.  The lights are toggled by the Sip Notify from the server.  So check the debug log when the light changes for the Sip Notify which informs the state of the line.

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SPA500S Random Lights Go Out

Yes Stephen has my case.  I sent him my syslog file yesterday.

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