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SPA502G Dowloading screen?

It appears to take a long time for the SPA502G to download the XMLDefault502G.cnf.xml and XMLDefault.cnf.xml files from the UC520. It has been sitting here for nearly 3 hours now. Is it supposed to take this long, or is there a problem?

New Member

SPA502G Dowloading screen?

Hi William,

How is this 502G Connected? is it connected to a Switch or directly into the UC-520?

Are any of the other phones showing the same issues??



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New Member

SPA502G Dowloading screen?

After a rest back to factory default, the phones pulled the correct files they needed and began working properly. I was able to set everything up through CCA. Only problem I have now is I can not make outbound calls. I connected a PSTN line and I can dial into the system with my Cell. I am not sure where to setup my outbound calling criteria. I am only testing the system right now as sort of a "get to know this product". So I am only connecting 2 SPA502G phones and a couple computers to the UC520.

Thanks for the reply.

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