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SPA504G and EdgeMarc 4550

I have an EdgeMarc 4550 using optionn 66 string http://{$http_server_hostname}/{$pbx_context} so all the SPA504G Phones get their configuration automatically without having to configure Server mode to "http" & boot server address to "server_ip/PC" on each individual phone when using an Edgemarc DHCP server. The phone DO NOT go out and grab their config. When I Provision manually they DO get their Configuration File. Any hellp would be greatly appreciated.

  <!-- Configuration Profile -->

  <Provision_Enable ua="na">Yes</Provision_Enable>

  <Resync_On_Reset ua="na">Yes</Resync_On_Reset>

  <Resync_Random_Delay ua="na">2</Resync_Random_Delay>

  <Resync_At__HHmm_ ua="na"></Resync_At__HHmm_>

  <Resync_Periodic ua="na">3600</Resync_Periodic>

  <Resync_Error_Retry_Delay ua="na">3600</Resync_Error_Retry_Delay>

  <Forced_Resync_Delay ua="na">14400</Forced_Resync_Delay>

  <Resync_From_SIP ua="na">Yes</Resync_From_SIP>

  <Resync_After_Upgrade_Attempt ua="na">Yes</Resync_After_Upgrade_Attempt>

  <Resync_Trigger_1 ua="na"></Resync_Trigger_1>

  <Resync_Trigger_2 ua="na"></Resync_Trigger_2>

  <Resync_Fails_On_FNF ua="na">Yes</Resync_Fails_On_FNF>

  <Profile_Rule ua="na">http://{$http_server_hostname}/{$pbx_context}/{$mac_address|lower}.xml</Profile_Rule>

  <Profile_Rule_B ua="na"></Profile_Rule_B>

  <Profile_Rule_C ua="na"></Profile_Rule_C>

  <Profile_Rule_D ua="na"></Profile_Rule_D>

  <DHCP_Option_To_Use ua="na">66</DHCP_Option_To_Use>

  <Transport_Protocol ua="na">http</Transport_Protocol> <!-- options: none/tftp/http/https -->

  <Log_Resync_Request_Msg ua="na">$PN $MAC -- Requesting resync $SCHEME://$SERVIP:$PORT$PATH</Log_Resync_Request_Msg>

  <Log_Resync_Success_Msg ua="na">$PN $MAC -- Successful resync $SCHEME://$SERVIP:$PORT$PATH</Log_Resync_Success_Msg>

  <Log_Resync_Failure_Msg ua="na">$PN $MAC -- Resync failed: $ERR</Log_Resync_Failure_Msg>

  <Report_Rule ua="na"></Report_Rule>

  <User_Configurable_Resync ua="na">Yes</User_Configurable_Resync>

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SPA504G and EdgeMarc 4550

Since your option 66 is already giving out http://{$http_server_hostname}/{$pbx_context

The profile rule should just have /{$mac_address|lower}.xml

Check wireshark and you should see the phone requesting the option 66 in the DHCP request, you'll see it in the Option : Parameter Request List.

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Re: SPA504G and EdgeMarc 4550

If I understand the original question correctly, Joe is asking for post-factory-default provisioning (e.g. provisioning on virgin device). So all profile rules are on their default values. Then, advice "you should have something in Profile_Rule" doesn't apply here.

As far as I know, the device will request /spa$PSN.cfg e.g. /spa504G.cfg. If it fail it will try /Cisco/SPA$PSN/$MAC.cfg e.g. something like /Cisco/SPA504G/a4934cfdf8e9.cfg

Your server should supply the configuration using those names. If it doesn't fit your needs, then you can use DHCP option 160 instead of 66. Cisco's proprietary option 160 allow you to supply full URL to device.

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