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SPA504G Config problems

Hi all (im a NOOB),

As a new owner of the SPA504G phone i would like to get it to work with multiple SIP providers (VOIPBUSTER, IPKALL and others). I get the first line working but it makes all my lines work. So i get 4 times provider #1. I would like to get the second provider on the second line and the 3rd .... you get the picture. There is anwser on lines 1-4 but the second provider although regesterd is not visable and does not ring.

Now i can make calls outbound to the same number and my 2nd line will activate and work.

Also how do you upgrade the firmware. I have been Googling so much about this that Goole is going to blacklist me for the searches.

Currently im on 7.4.3a but there is a newer firmware.

Last but not least is there a config guide somewhere for people with a bit less expierence.  Any help iw welcome.

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Re: SPA504G Config problems

I have 4 separate SIP VoIP accounts configured into my SPA504G and each line functioning independantly.

I think the key points I set are as follows:

Log into SPA504 as admin and switch to Advanced view.

For each Extension Tab, make sure "Share Line Appearance" is set to "Share Ext." = "private".

i.e. tabs:   Ext1, Ext2, Ext3, Ext4

Next, go to "Phone" Tab.

Make sure each Line Key setting is set to proper Extension number and make sure Share Call Appearance is set to "private".


Line Key 1      Extension (1)     Share Call Appearance (private)

Line Key 2      Extension (2)     Share Call Appearance (private)

Line Key 3      Extension (3)     Share Call Appearance (private)

Line Key 4      Extension (4)     Share Call Appearance (private)



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Re: SPA504G Config problems

Thanks that worked really nice i know see the providers. Also $NAME can be replaced with any text string NICE, i do still have two questions.

1: How can you turn of the Red LED at the top of the phone, i believe there is a message from one of the SIP providers but i have no idea how to get to that message and turn of the lights. Also can you turn of the green LEDs when the phone goes into sleepmode (Screensaver)

2: Can you set up calling plans as a |NOOB or do i need to be aware of the line selected while dailing to some countries and select an other line for other countries.



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Re: SPA504G Config problems


Typically, the red light does mean you have voice mail waiting.

I presume, it is with your line-1 provider, but may be any one of the registered lines.

Depending on who your VoIP provider is, visit their web site and check the FAQ's on how to retrieve your Voice Mail.

For example, one of my VoIP providers allows me to retrieve my VM just by picking up the line, and dialing *123 and follow the voice prompts for listening to and deleting the voice mails.  My other VoIP provider requires that I dial *97 to access my VM.

Once you listen to or delete a voice mail, it should cause the red light on the SPA504G to go off.

One of my VoIP providers also allows me to check and access Voice Mails by logging into my VoIP account via web browser.  They have an online playback feature which also allows deletion of backed up voice mails.  When doing this online via the web, should also remove the red light on your SPA504G.

I also program the VM access code into my SPA504G so that I can quickly access VM just by pressing VM button on the  phone (works with line-1, by default).  To program the VM code, I log into SPA504G as admin and click on the Phone tab.  Then, under the General section, at top of page, I enter my Voice Mail access code into the text box labeled Voice Mail Number.  In my case, I enter *97, and then click on Submit All Changes to save .


Typically, you may need to customize the default dial-plan for each line on the IP-Phone, assuming each line is with a different VoIP provider (like I have done).  I wrote a tutorial about understanding the basics of dial plans for the SPA2102-NA and PAP2T-NA ATA's:

Understanding Dial Plans for SPA2102 and PAP2T VoIP ATA's

The principles and syntax is the same for modifying the SPA504G dial plans.

You will find the default dial plan for each Extension Line under the associated tabs of the SPA504G web interface.

For example, the dial-plan for Line-1 will be at the very bottom of the Ext1 tab page.

Check with your VoIP providers Support pages where they will usuallly provide a FAQ page that describes their "recommended" basic dial plan for their service.  Once you know their basic recommended dial plan, you can customize it for any other specific entries you want to edit into it.



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