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SPA504G - second incoming call

I connect a new SPA504G phone to UC500 system. When I make a call from SPA504g it works good.The problem is when another incoming call is ringing to the phone. The display is freeze and nothing is working. You have to unplug and plug the phone to start again.

If you place the first call on hold and make a new outgoing call is working good. Find below the config. settings on UC500:

ephone  8
no multicast-moh
device-security-mode none
mac-address 0025.84D8.C12C
max-calls-per-button 2
presence call-list
type 504G
button  1c13,50,51,52,53

Do I have to make any changes to phone from Web administration? I login on phone Web administration but I can see only the settings but it does not allow me to make any changes.

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Re: SPA504G - second incoming call

Couple of questions (sorry no answers) since thats not reproducible...

Are you running

found here:

Did you configure your system with CCA 2.1?

Did you try to configure Octo-Line on these phones manually (this is not supported)


Re: SPA504G - second incoming call

Hmmm....your button CLI looks like you put call waiting on the 1st line button.   If you take that off is it better?

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Re: SPA504G - second incoming call

I removed the call waiting overlay (button1:13) but the problem still exists.

Re: SPA504G - second incoming call

Is it only this one phone.  Do you have another SPA5xx you can try?

I think maybe you want to open a case too.  Unless any of the other community participants can help.

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Re: SPA504G - second incoming call

I make upgrade to using CCA 2.1.I configure the system with CLI. I didn't program any octo-line.

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