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SPA504G: Syslog-Msg [0]CC:NewCallState 0/9


during a phone call I see several syslog message of the form

[0]CC:NewCallState 0/9

Which call states does exist?  I would expect the number inside the brackets encode somehow the used extension and the line - but how? Or does it encode something completely different?

Thanks in advance!

Nico Wallmeier

VIP Blue

Re: SPA504G: Syslog-Msg [0]CC:NewCallState 0/9

Note, I have no documentation related to it - this is unauthorized answer based on observations.


[x]CC:NewCallState M/N   is message from "CallControl"; x is call index (no more information about it), M is brand new call state, N is previous call state

Recognized Call States:


| 00 | CC_CST_IDLE       | Idle

| 06 | CC_CST_DIALING    | off-hook, collecting user input

| 08 | CC_CST_CALLING    | calling

| 09 | CC_CST_PROCEEDING | other side ringing (outgoing call)

| 10 | CC_CST_RINGING    | Ringing (incomming call)

| 11 | CC_CST_INVALID    | ending (audio channel released, call ending)

| 12 | CC_CST_ANSWERING  | answering (ringing phone picked up)

| 13 | CC_CST_CONNECTED  | connected (audio path active)

| 14 | CC_CST_HOLD       | on hold

| 15 | CC_CST_HOLDING    | going on hold

| 16 | CC_CST_RESUMING   | resuming


Common sequences

Call, originating phone: 0->6->8->9->13->(parties talking)->11->0

Call, answering phone: 0->10->12->13->(parties talking)->11->0

Edited by: Dan Lukes, call state symbolic names added (used by SPA1x2 devices in place of numeric codes used by SPA50xG devices)

Cisco Employee

Re: SPA504G: Syslog-Msg [0]CC:NewCallState 0/9

Hi Dan,

Nice work on putting together the call states table. I ran your table past a development engineer and they said that the [x] in the [x]CC:NewCallState M/N syslog/debug output "is the call appearance index and is useful for when development engineering is tracing the call object".



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