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SPA509G Problems Upgrading Firmware


I have a few phones on a LAN which we provision using xml files.  I've noticed that the SPA509 never appears to ask for the firmware though it's told to explicitly in the xml file.

        <!-- Firmware -->

        <Upgrade_Enable ua="ro">Yes</Upgrade_Enable>

        <Upgrade_Rule ua="ro">{{serverurl}}/firmware$PSN-1.bin</Upgrade_Rule>

No other phone has trouble requesting the appropriate firmware, but from checking apache logs and wireshark, the phone never actually requests the file.

I've also put the web address manually into the web interface, hit save and then reboot and the 509g never seems to request the firmware.

I've tried this using 7.4.8, 7.4.9 and 7.5.1.

curiously, the phone will upgrade via TFTP, but I'd rather not run a TFTP server on our network for one class of phone.

Any suggestions?  Thank you!

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SPA509G Problems Upgrading Firmware

Phone never ask for same URL twice. You cant upgrade just by replace firmware file with newer one. but with same

Upgrade_Rule URL.

Different firmware version needs to have different URL. If you wish to upgrade, change the Upgrade_Rule URL, the phone will reboot and will ask for new firmware.

Of course, the URL needs to be valid. The {{serverurl}}/firmware$PSN-1.bin is invalid URL.

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SPA509G Problems Upgrading Firmware

The url is a proper one.  It was just obfuscated.

So the phones will literally never go to the same link twice?  So there's no way to just use a generic symlink on a server?

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SPA509G Problems Upgrading Firmware

Same URL is considered to be same file, same file is considered to be same firmware.

As far as I know, there is no way to change firmware without changing the URL first. I know nothing about your environment, but it's not problem in common cases. Not only firmware, but the configuration can be downloaded from provisioning server as well. And it is checked periodically. So it is trivial to change URL for all connected devices.

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