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SPA525 bluetooth pairing failure

I am having an issue pairing some Plantronic Voyager Pro headsets with a couple phones. These headset had previously been paired with the phones. Due to some configuration changes to the phones both were factory reset. Now each phone is unable to pair to the headset it had been paired to before the reset. When I attempt to pair them, using the phones interface,  I get a "Pairing Failed" message on the screen. If I attempt to pair them using the web GUI it doesn't pair but gives no error message.

If I take Phone 1's headset and try pairing it to Phone 2 it works.

If I try pairing Phone 1's headset with any other phone in the company it works.

If I try pairing Phone 1 with it's headset it fails.

It goes the same for the headset for Phone 2.

I have tried firmware 7.4.6, 7.4.6(BT2), and 7.4.8 but I get the same result with all firwmare versions.

New Member

Re: SPA525 bluetooth pairing failure

Dear Eric,

My assumption is that the headsets might still be in a logically paired state that's why it wouldn't allow the new pairing with the same phone. Is there a possibility to reset (or unpair) the headstest?

Best regards,

Zsolt Benko

Cisco Employee

Re: SPA525 bluetooth pairing failure

Hi Eric,

In addition to my colleague's suggestion, please confirm that the phone's Bluetooth firmware is at 0.00.34 by looking at:
Info tab > System Information > Bluetooth Firmware Version: 0.00.34

I've experienced issues where Bluetooth gets confused and found the easiest is a fresh start using the Web-User Interface [Web-UI]:

  1. Use the Web-UI to enable BT on the phone [http://phoneIP/Bluetooth.htm]
  2. Select and remove all BT profiles
  3. Submit All Changes
  4. Put headset in pairing mode
  5. Click Scan for Bluetooth devices [you will not see activity on phone]
  6. The Bluetooth headset will be discovered and displayed in the Bluetooth Devices List on the Web-UI
  7. Click on the discovered headset
  8. Type in its PIN [often 0000]
  9. Click Submit All Changes




One reference document to locate SPA phone resources

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Re: SPA525 bluetooth pairing failure

I am trying to find a way to reset the headsets though I haven't found any data. I have a feeling it has something to do with the pairing cache on the headsets.

All phones are running the BT firmware 0.00.34. There are no profiles on the phone. I have already tried using the web GUI (as I mentioned in my initial post) to no avail.

I have an email into Plantronics since it may be an issue with their device.

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Re: SPA525 bluetooth pairing failure

Hi Eric,

Thanks for your feedback, your logic seems to be right especially that I have performed several factory resets on my SPA525G2 phones after which I was always able to pair back my mobile phone / headset (not Plantronics) using BlueTooth.

We'd highly appreciate if you could share your findings after Plantronics replied.

Thanks and regards,


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SPA525 bluetooth pairing failure


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