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SPA525G2 Series - Hold question.

I have all my lines set up so that no matter which lines someone call, all the phone will ring.  The problem is when I put a line on hold, it does not show it is on hold on my other 3 phones.  How to I fix that?

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SPA525G2 Series - Hold question.

Is the shared line configuration setup properly?  Please refer to the admin guide for the shared line configuration.

SPA525G2 Series - Hold question.

I think the shared line configuration is setup properly.  All the phone ring when calls come in and show which line is ringing -- that seems to work.  Just can't figure out how to make a call on hold share appearance on the other phone or even show that a line is "in use".

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Re: SPA525G2 Series - Hold question.


The process for updating the status of your shared lines is different then presenting them with a call (ie it is handled by diffferent messages).  It is possible that there is a misconfiguration between your phones and your call server.

What call server are you using?  Can you provide a packet capture?


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