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SPA5xx bug with BLF's and Asterisk?


I've got a PBX setup with SPA509's running on Asterisk 1.8.

The customer has SPA509G's and wanted 11 of the button's to be BLF's, and a single button to act as a line button. So alpha tags could be used and easy changed if staff names changed I allocated the top 8 buttons as BLF's, and then allocated the 1st LED on the left side below the screen as the line 1 button, and the remaining 3 buttons as BLF's of management staff who are unlikely to change.

While on a call the LCD is displays the number and call timer, pressing the middle navigation button up and down allows you to scroll between this screen and the BLF names so you can see the names next to the LED's if you have BLF's configured when you want to transfer a call.

With this particular BLF configuration pressing the up button displays the names correctly, however if you push the navigation button a 2nd time the phone will crash and reboot.

After doing some testing I've discovered that line key 1 must always be allocated as a line button. If I change the config so that 1 is configured as a line button then the phone works normally and doesn't reboot. If I allocate any of the other line keys (2-12) as a line button this issue reoccurs. Line functions work fine on these other buttons, it's that that unless line key 1 is set as a line, the reboot issue will occur.

Has anybody encountered any similar issues? There are no issues with the BLF configuation itself - these work fine, the only issue is the reboot when any button other than line key 1 is used as the line button. I have tested various versions of firmware incl 7.4.9 and can replicate this on them all.

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